UFO Cake

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The Cake

For this cake we wanted to do a lot with electronics. A UFO cake has to have lots of lights and sound with it. One of the touches that went over well was the tally on the side of the spaceship. Much like WWII pilots marked their kills on the sides of their planes, We imagined an alien would mark it's abductions so we put little human shapes and cow shapes on the side.



The Design

The custom stainless steel pan was welded up with legs and a skirt to hide / house the electronics. The cockpit was two bowls, the control panel inside the cockpit was printed out on cardboard. The spaceman was actually a race car driver from the dollar store. Since he was already green and silver he needed no further modifications other than gluing him in position..

The circuit was researched and designed, components purchased and breadboarded together. There had to have been about 30 ft of wires underneath this cake. The sounds were created by canabalizing the owner's son's toy spaceship for its guts. Thanks Buddy! We also put an LED light facing down to create a glow below the ship.

In the dark the cake looked amazing. Thanks to the client for this picture.

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